Rolling pipeline continued safety concerns


I was disappointed that President Biden cancelled the Keystone XL pipeline. The crude oil usage is not the issue, but whether the crude oil goes to the refinery by rail or pipeline. The existing Keystone and Express Platte pipelines have operated for years without an incident. Moving oil by pipeline is 3 times cheaper than by rail and provides the consumer much cheaper energy cost. Canceling the Keystone permit is very bad news for Oakland and will not prevent a drop of crude oil, from going to the refinery and being burned. We have all seen the increase of the huge crude oil trains passing through Oakland. These trains create a potential danger to Oakland citizens, because a derailment would destroy Oakland. The increased rail traffic is already shaking buildings apart and creating noise day and night. Berkshire Hathaway is the only party that will benefit from the Keystone pipeline, being cancelled. They own both BNSF railroad and the oil tank car manufacturer. They are making billions of dollars at the expense of the safety of Oakland residents.

Brendan Murray

Oakland, NE


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